Denise Yost Williams

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Denise Yost
Where do you live now? Granby, MO USA
Spouse/partner/significant other? Delbert
Tell us about your kids/grandkids/pets. Two kids, Travis married Andrea in 2003, they have given us two grandchildren, Isabella - 6 yrs (2004)and More…Drake - 1yr (2009), And Susan married Tim Wisener in 2010, they have given two more grandchildren, Devlin - 4 yrs (2006) and Connor - 2 yrs (2008).
What is your job? I'm a clerk at Jarden Consumer Solutions
Yes! Attending Reunion
How far from your front door to ENHS?

1/8 mile, I live just east of the back entrance/exit

Where would you rather live?

Hawaii, but I'm happy here

Email addresses?

What about hobbies, interests...stuff you'd rather do than work?

I love being with my husband and kids and grandkids. I play bingo once a week with my Mom, go casino hopping with my sisters once in a while. I enjoy reading and watching movies.

How old do you feel?

Most days I feel way younger then I am.

What's on your bucket list?

To be a great-grandma
See the Grand Canyon
Visit national monuments
Drive the pacific coast highway and put my toe in the Pacific ocean.

Done anything really cool?

Lived overseas while my husband was in the service.
Been to Disneyworld.

Favorite elementary school memory?

I came to Triway at the start of 3rd grade. Mona was my first friend and is still one of the best. Hangin out with Candy, Sabrina and Jalonda.

Favorite high school memory?

High school dances after games.

Tell us about your favorite teacher (K - 12).

I hold a special place for all the math teachers I've had.Mr.McCleary in junior high, Mr Nahaim ?? and Mr. Keith in High School. I learn a lot and retained a lot of what I learned from them.

Any words of wisdom?

"Whenever God closes one door, He always opens another, even though sometimes it's hell in the hallway!"

Favorite quote?

I hope it's okay to say this...."Shit Happens"

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