Lynne McMillen Williams

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Where do you live now? Joplin, MO
Spouse/partner/significant other? Bill Williams-husband
Tell us about your kids/grandkids/pets. Bill and I were married August 3, l985 in Joplin and will celebrate our 25th anniversary this summer. More… We are trying to plan something special for this milestone!
Our oldest daughter, Lauren, was born in l987 and is slated to graduate from MSSU in May with a degree in communications. Our youngest, Jessica, has taken a few classes at Crowder College but is currently working at a local restaurant and trying to decide what to do. She was born in l989 and they both graduated from Joplin High School. Our granddaughter, Brynn was born to Lauren in 2005 and will start kindergarden this fall. All these girls live with us for now! (they have decided it is cheaper to just stay at home-even to have to listen to us gripe about late hours, towels on the floor, helping out around the house, etc.
We have a scruffy 13 yr old cat and a chocolate lab-Coco.
What is your job? RN-McCune Brooks Hospital, Carthage MO 27 yrs
What about hobbies, interests...stuff you'd rather do than work?

We are a sports minded family. We love to go to Joplin High games and follow the Kansas Jayhawks football and basketball. We watch ALOT of Big 12 games. We are football, basketball, and track and field fans and so basically have the summer off! Bill likes to bicycle-I have one, but haven't acquired the desire to "feel the burn!" Brynn keeps me very busy. She has a lot of energy and ideas. I like to keep up with my Facebook "friends" and I still love to read and I love to shop for a bargain. I have given up most any creative hobbies I used to do. When the kids decide to move out, I may find more time to sew and needlework again.

How old do you feel?

Not 48, that is for sure!

What's on your bucket list?

I would like to travel more, Rome, Ireland, Hawaii are on my list. I have GOT to learn to snow ski but I do not know if I have the guts, joints, or enough ibuprofen to do it.

Done anything really cool?

Prob. not but still thinking about it.

Favorite elementary school memory?

I mostly remember being the girl that would have to race at recess to see if the boys or girls claimed the good baseball field!

Going to Diane McInturff's house and sitting on the concrete pillers next to the highway and waving at cars!

Going to Diane Leonard's house and thinking it was so cool because she lived "in town" and we could go to the store and get candy and walk the streets at night! And Donna living by the cemetary which was "so scary" at night and we all thought we could see ghosts.

Loving the 4-H events in the summer because all my friends were long distance and could only rarely get to talk to them on the phone.

Dora and I thought dead baby jokes and dead cat jokes were the most hilarious things we had ever heard and the grosser, the better. Of course, Dora made anything funny.

Favorite high school memory?

Going to Granby and having a grilled ham and cheese on texas toast at Reta's. and vanilla dr. peppers

7:30 am sports practices with a full face of makeup and tons of hairspray on! And Dora, remember wearing dresses to school and how hard it was to put panty hose on sweaty legs after practice?

"Parking" on the back roads which were the roads by my house!

Going to see Saturday Night Fever with Diane and Dora and being scared they were going to kick us out because we were only 16! (did they not card us for the tickets) My first R-rated movie.

My super embarassing 72 green Chevy Caprice classic--the green bomb!

Track meets-running in spitting snow, freezing temps, blistering sun, and the last state meet in Moberly where I was in the blocks with my fingers in the mud. The most fun meets were the ones where the boys were there too!

Tell us about your favorite teacher (K - 12).

Probably Coach Lentz-I spent a lot of time with that woman in 4 years of sports seasons all year long!

What would we be surprised to know about you?

That I never really liked to run.

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